Hair: best products, cuts, hairstyles, colors and treatments

When we talk about hair , having good care tips is essential to display more beautiful, shiny and full of life strands. If you are looking for specific information to properly care for curly and frizzy hair, you have come to the right place! Understand what are the best products, cuts, treatments and more! To know more, check out: fall hair colors

Hair: how to properly care for curled hair

According to the hair classification developed by the hairdresser Andre Walker (USA), it is possible to divide the strands with curvature into three different types, namely: wavy strands considered hair type 2; curly hair representing the type 3 hairs; and curly locks classified as type 4. Among themselves, these curvatures also have specific characteristics, which can vary according to greater or lesser volume, frizz and cluster diameter.

Understanding what are the basic characteristics of hair with curvature, it is much simpler to identify the needs to correctly treat each type of hair .

Wavy hair, for example, has a smooth root and wavy length. In this way, the root is predominantly oilier, while the length is drier. Curly and frizzy hair, on the other hand, is naturally more dry, precisely because it has a closed format from the roots, preventing the natural oiliness of the scalp from reaching the ends. But it is also worth remembering that the frizzy strands have an even more fragile structure than other types of hair.

To get around all these natural issues of hair with curvature, following a hair schedule is the most suitable treatment. This care routine intersperses hydration, nutrition/humectation and reconstruction. Each of these steps is capable of replacing one or more substances essential to the health of the hair, namely: water, lipids and keratin, sequentially. Within an active period of four weeks, you will notice softer, shinier and stronger hair.

Curly and frizzy hair: cutting tips to enhance formatting

With totally healthy hair, it's time to think about the best cut to enhance even more the formatting of wavy, curly and frizzy hair. It is worth remembering that, for a long time, curled hair did not have many cutting options precisely because of the volume it could bring to the hair, which made many women declared enemies of scissors.

However, the volume – which was once the villain – has become the darling of the owners of curls and frizzes and, now, there is no lack of inspiration for incredible female haircuts, whether for lovers of short hair, for those who love a medium haircut or for those who don't give up on long locks. Highlights are the curly bob, pixie cut, messy bob, layered cut, beaked chanel , long bob and cut with peaked effect.

Hair with highlights: how to maintain it?

If you are a fan of highlighting hair , platinum strands, California locks, ombré hair technique, balayage and other lightening methods, it is important to know that maintaining this strand requires more attention. This is because, in addition to circumventing the hair's natural tendency to curl towards dryness, it will also be necessary to take care of the color and prevent the strands from oxidizing, leaving yellowish spots along the entire length.

In this case, it is most recommended that hydration be done every week, in addition to including in the streak care routine the use of good products for colored hair with a toning action, capable of leaving waves, curls and frizz with an amazing color.

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